50 knot pure wool prayer rope with glass beads


This prayer rope is lovingly handmade with 4-ply Cashmira yarn which makes medium sized knots and it is finished with a cross and a tassel. Approximate length is 10.6" and the thickness of each knot is approx. 0.31".

The knots are evenly tied, they look very similar and they are firm, making you appreciate the prayer rope for its beautiful and exquisite look.

The prayer rope is made according to the ancient monastic tradition of tying the knots so that the knots themselves would constantly make the sign of the cross. Each knot contains seven little crosses being tied over and over, which makes it almost impossible to untie. The prayer rope may be gently stretched to separate the knots.

We don't buy or import our prayer ropes from overseas, but they are tied in our workshops. They are made by poor Orthodox people that receive help through this daily collaboration.

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