Wholesale Orthodox Prayer Ropes (Chotki/Komboskini), Byzantine Icons, and more

We wholesale our products to orthodox church shops that would like to resell them. We have good wholesale services, on-time delivery, quality handcrafts, and discounts of up to 60%.

If you’re interested in obtaining additional information regarding our wholesale discounts, please contact us.

CUSTOM MODELS:  Beside the models in our image galleries, we can also craft according to your own specifications. However, please note that our self-imposed policy of not producing and selling handcrafts that do not fit the traditional creation guidelines prevents us from accepting all orders.

FREE PRAYER ROPE SAMPLES AVAILABLE: Free samples are available for anyone that would like to get a touch and feel of our prayer ropes or prayer bracelets before they place a wholesale order. Please note that the free samples are available for verified Church shops and bookstores upon request. Please let us know what samples you would like us to send you.

ORDERING & PAYMENT INFORMATION:  We accept Paypal payments, credit and debit card payments through Paypal and wire transfers. Please note that there is a minimum order of $150, comprised of any assortment of our products. We also require payment in advance from all first time Customers, and we reserve the right to demand payment in advance from any Customer.

SHIPPING INFORMATION:  We ship the merchandise worldwide by Registered Airmail or UPS. Tracking and insurance is available for both shipping options. The advantage of Registered Airmail is that it is much cheaper than any other carriers, especially for small weights. Please also note that the shipping costs for a prayer rope pack is low. That's because prayer ropes are fairly light weight.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions...



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