Orthodox Greek Byzantine Icons

"Icons are in colors what the Scripture are in words: witnesses to the Incarnation, the fact that God has come among us as a person whom we can see, touch and hear, to offer us the new life and begin the new creation."
7th Ecumenical Council

The Christian craft and the spiritual training toward making exquisite Eastern Orthodox Greek Byzantine icons through the traditional technique of iconography has been rigorously preserved by Orthodox Crafts' talented and passionate painters. This technique is extensively described in various icon manuals, also called "erminies". Our Christian icons are unique works of art, all true to their original counterparts. They are created for the sake of preserving traditional and theological values, but also the continuity and permanence of Eastern iconography as an art form.

The materials we use are quite the same as the ones used centuries ago, such as: wood, canvas, bone glue, chalk powder, tempera mixed with egg yolk and golden foil. Just as in the case of our other craft, the tying of komboskini prayer ropes, we make no compromise when it comes to the materials we use in the creation process.

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