Orthodox Wool Prayer Ropes (Chotki/Komboskini)

An Athonite monk with a prayer rope in his hand


Prayer ropes are used to help Eastern Orthodox Christians say the Jesus Prayer (more on Jesus Prayer, here). In Russian they are called "chotki", while in Greek they are called "komboskini".

Our wool prayer ropes are hand made from Cashmira black pure wool, counting from 33, 100 to even 300 knots.

We consider that it's very important not to step aside from the traditional method of prayer rope tying, as well as keeping their look and feel as close as possible to the old, Orthodox monastic models. We tie these prayer ropes in the same manner our desert fathers used to tye them. Without a doubt, the true value of our handcrafts stands in the fact that we strive to create authentic, traditional products.

Besides retail, we also wholesale our products. For details about wholesale orders, click here. Feel free to contact us for prices and any other information you might need.

Please take a look below at our wool prayer ropes, and don't forget to visit our other collection - Prayer Bracelets.



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