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7th Ecumenical Council
Jesus Christ Theotokos
Theotokos “Gerontissa Agiou Orous”<br>- hand painted byzantine icon -
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Gerontissa Agiou Orous
23k gold gilding // egg tempera // natural pigments
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St. Basil the Great
Saints of God Saints of God
The christian craft and the spiritual training toward making an exquisite eastern orthodox icon through the talent and passion of Theophania's painter has been rigorously preserved in the traditional technique of eastern byzantine iconography. This technique is extensively described in various icon manuals, also called "erminies". Our works indeed respect this tradition, and quite a few examples can be found in our galleries above. We've displayed both russian and greek orthodox models. Our christian icons are unique works of art, all true to their original counterparts. They are created for the sake of preserving traditional and theological values, but also the continuity and permanence of eastern iconography as an art form.

The materials we use are quite the same as the ones used centuries ago, such as: wood, canvas, bone glue, chalk powder, tempera mixed with egg yolk and golden foil. Just as in the case of our other crafts, such as the craft of wood carving and the craft of tying komboskini prayer ropes, we make no compromise when it comes to the materials we use in the creation process.

Please take a look at our icon galleries. If you'd like to order an icon from us, please access our "how to order" section.
Each holy icon is lovingly hand painted to order. We carefully review the needs of each of our customers before starting to work on the icon. This is why you first need to contact us and let us know exactly what your expectations are. We can paint the icon in whatever size you prefer, starting with miniatures of 4.7 x 6.3 inches, and ending with sizes of up to 33 x 46 inches. Upon receiving your message, we will also be able to give you full pricing information. We are anxiously waiting for your feedback! We usually reply within 24h.

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